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Endorsement Requirements

Thank you for your interest in joining the Diemond Star family! We consider every application carefully and appreciate everyone who wants to be a part of our company. An endorsement at Diemond Star means a few different things. By its basic definition, an "endorsement" means an artist fully commits to and swears by a particular company/product. In other words, that company's product is the best and only product that the artist wants to play or use. The artist endorses the company, not the other way around. This means that we provide drummers with some of the highest quality drumsticks that they believe is the best for communicating their musical voice and as such, they represent Diemond Star as their drumstick of choice to the rest of the drumming community. By endorsing Diemond Star, the artist benefits through special pricing. There are a few major factors that determine the artists we sign:

  • Influence. A drummer's popularity is essential. How much will that particular drummer influence the buying public?

  • Diemond Star Player. Does the drummer already play Diemond Star Drumsticks? We love signing people who truly believe in our sticks/products and have already chosen Diemond Star to represent the tools to make their music. There is nothing more respected than to hear that a drummer turned down another endorsement offer because they would rather play and/or wait for an opening with the Diemond Star family.

  • Personality. Each drummer on our roster is unique in his/her own way and brings something different to the company. It's important that each artist signed knows that it is about the relationship. Diemond Star offers the best artist service in the business. This is because we understand the importance of an artist getting the best tools to make his/her music.

  • Talent. We believe in the quality of the many talents we have on our roster. We stand behind our roster and their abilities.

  • A high volume of traffic and interaction in followers, views/streams on social media platforms, and music streaming services.

  • Teaching at a University (Education), competitive High School Drumlines, or Drum Corps (Marching).

  • TV, Movie, Video, Award Shows, and studio credits.

  • Performance on high profile tours.

  • Project sales and streaming data.

Now that you have a little more of an idea of how we see things regarding endorsements, you can better determine whether you fit into that description. Maybe you do or maybe you will someday. Timing is everything in this world we call drumming. Be honest with yourself and if now is not the time - then consider waiting to apply when it is. In the meantime, be true to your convictions and keep playing Diemond Star for all the reasons you are seeking an endorsement.


If you believe that you meet the requirements, please fill out the application below. Keep in mind, we receive many applications throughout the year, so please allow a few weeks for us to review and respond. We look forward to working with you!

Endorsement Application

Application Submitted!

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